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Emmanuel Toutain - 70.3 World Championship Qualifier 7/11/2010

"Brilliant! Great product! I am using it all the time. It is working for me. I was always behind during T1 last year. I am systematically in the top 3 now. My goal this year is to be a top 10% finisher at the US Nationals and in the top 3 for the transitions. We will see. Huge thanks for helping me with T1!"

Steven Keller - "Used Tri-Clips for the 1st time at the 2010 Iron Star Triathlon in Montgomery TX.  I experienced a much more efficient T1 & finished 3rd in my age group.   Purchased the package of two from the Webster Cycle booth during the pre race expo. Lost a clip and learned not to fasten the clip to the heel strap... simply attach the clip to the back of the actual shoe."

Adrian Gaona "My Tri-Clips worked great! Freaking awesome product, Thanks tri-Clips"

Runskiprun  from Tri-Clips Facebook Page 2/23/2011

"I think this beats rubber bands because the rubber bands are not reliable........Thumbs Up"

Jason Bahumundi Excerpt from his blog on Cook Train Eat 3/2/2011

"I put my bike in between the slats in my fence as if it were truly on a rack at a race and practiced transitions.  I did not jump out of the water but instead ran up the driveway pulled the bike out and then slipped in while going down the driveway.  Again I went at this three times to make sure that I was doing it right and who doesn’t need transition help?  Each and everytime it worked like a charm.  I highly recommend these over using rubber bands because searching for rubber bands can be a pain and these are strapped right to your frame and weigh 0.5 oz each or a total of 1.0 oz so it won’t affect your bike weight."



Friday, 18 March 2011   Get Me To The Finish   RatingRatingRatingRating

These little clips are simple and clever. I have never wanted to use elastic bands as when I tried them I always found I managed to break them when I was running out of transition. These little re-usable devices are a great idea.
Jessica Marshall from Tri-Clips Facebook page 3/20/2011
Did my first race with the tri-clips today.  Where have they been my whole life???  Definitely be flogging them around my tri club guys.
Damon Cameron from Tri-Clips Facebook page 5/30/11
Tri-Clips got their first outing at Busselton 70.3 Ironman in Western Australia this month.  My T1 time was better than some of my more experienced colleagues, T2 time was <2 mins with Xtenex Laces and the Gelrilla Grips worked a treat...Thanks Tri-Clips!
 Tom Berkouwer from The Netherlands writes to Tri-Clips on 6/19/11

"Just to say thank you for a great pair of tri-clips, saved me twice valuable time during my race which meant winner age class +50"

Kimberly Arbouw from Virginia features Tri-Clips in her November 2012 Adventures in Tri-Mom-Athlon blog  http://adventuresin-tri-mom- how-to-get-fast-t1-with- little-effort.html

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