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Tri Clips
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If I use Tri-Clips does this mean I must master the flying mount?

A.    Absolutely not.  Tri-Clips work just as well if you simply push your bike out of transition, put your leg over the frame and your foot in the shoe before taking off.  Some find it easier than having to clip in. Check out the video at An added benefit is that your expensive bike shoes do not get dragged through the mud or scraped along the concrete, during transition. 

Q. Should I leave Tri-Clips on my bike all of the time?

A. No, Tri-Clips are for race day.

Q. Why not just use rubber bands?

A.       If rubber bands work well for you, great…use them.  Some triathletes find the rubber bands a hassle and they do not always work properly.  Tri-Clips are simple and work every time.

Q. How much do they weigh?

A.    Approximately ˝ ounce each.

Q. Will they snap back and slap me in the leg?

A. No, Tri-Clips retract quickly and go back into the reel.

Q. Why is the Velcro so long?

A. So you can tailor it to your own bike frame, just trim off the excess.

Q. Will it bang around and rattle while I ride?

A.     No.  The clip retracts fully into the reel and does not dangle or bounce around. 

Q.    Can you break a tri-clip?

A.    This may happen if you attach the Tri-Clip on the shoe incorrectly and trap the clip or step on the clip with your foot.  Attach the clip on the back of the shoe or loop so that it easily slides off of the shoe when you start to pedal the bike.  Simply put, do not trap the clip with your foot.  Check out the demo on the video. 

Q. Does it work in the rain?

A.       Yes. Tri-Clips have a super high friction backing which means it will stay in position even on the slickest of carbon bikes and the wettest of conditions.  Make sure the Velcro strip is tight and everything is secure and in place before the race.

Q. How do I clean my Tri-Clips?

A. Tri-Clips are designed to be self cleaning.  Simply dip the Tri-Clip in fresh water and move the cord in and out of the reel until all dirt and grime are cleared.  Tri-Clips are resistant to chlorine, sweat and salt water.

Q.     Will the Tri-Clip come loose and drop into my derailleur?

A.    No. There is a high friction rubber backing to secure it to the frame. 

        Make sure the velcro is tight and the tri-clips will not move.